About Sarah


Sarah Lightman…

Sarah has been surrounded by music throughout her entire life, but it wasn't until she started street performing on the streets of Los Angeles, CA in 2016 that she decided to pursue her career as a singer/songwriter. She has since released an EP, two singles, & a music video which is played in rotation at Universal City Walk, LA; has established residencies with several venues, been endorsed by Luna Guitars, Empire Ears, & Cleartone strings, and performed on The NAMM Show MAIN STAGE in 2019. Her music video, Noteworthy, shares the spotlight in rotation with work from legendary artists such as Justin Timberlake, Chris Stapleton, Shawn Mendes, Diplo, and more!

Sarah persists through focus and hard work to inspire and support others. Above all, she strives to create music that will emotionally connect individuals on a higher caliber of being. These values have been adopted from her late-father, Aaron Lightman, who was an outspoken advocate for improving mental health through the arts and the following of one’s passion. Known for her uniquely soulful voice and smooth, clear tone that cuts like a knife, she aims to provide a refreshing outlet for pop listeners.

Sarah is scheduled to travel the US throughout 2019 to promote anti-bullying and suicide awareness with Stand4kind. She will be dropping a new album Friday, September 13! More information can be found on her show and media pages. Her music is available for listening and purchasing through ALL online major music platforms and on CD format at her shows or through her website.

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About the upcoming album, “Interlude”…

My dad, who was a singer/songwriter, passed away when I was 14. At that time I was discovering just how much I loved the medium of music and writing lyrics. He told me that I was different like him and he encouraged me to let my differences shine even when moments in life are hard.

He would say, "The best thing you can choose to do in this life is something you love." His sudden passing shook up my path and I wasn't sure how to keep developing in music. I took a series of interludes over the next 10 years that helped remind me of the legacy my dad shared.

These songs represent the hardships and self awakening I needed to go through to remind me that his spirit never once left and how the obstacles helped me to grow into the artist I needed to become.