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Anything in life that is an obstacle inspires me. There is always a learning opportunity to grow. I choose to share my experiences through music in hopes that we can navigate this through life together. I believe helping mankind feel less alone through their emotional journey will help us evolve. We are all connected. We are the same.


"Fear" Sarah Lightman - Lyric Video

Witten by Sarah Lightman Music produced by Tyler Davis

THE NAMM SHOW: MAINSTAGE 2019 - Sarah Lightman (Feat. Trevan McClure, Ashley Morgan, & SLC)

Thank you Luna Guitars, Empire Ears, Cleartone Strings, and thank you to all the fans, friends, and family who helped make this performance possible.


"Stand by Me" via Kauai, Hawaii (Cover) - Sarah Lightman

This cover was requested by some fans at Universal City Walk, LA. I wanted to make it special, so I decided to film it on a family trip to Hawaii. I also thought what better way to share my experience with fans by honoring some of the cover requests and sharing how beautiful the island is at the same time?